Friday, November 21, 2008

Pertinent, funny, original and obviously provocative to some people.

How many Indian films talk about corruption, censorship and their link with poverty - a central reality of Indian life - in a funny yet subtle manner?
Neither does it pontificate about its weighty subject, like a typical holier than thou arty fare, nor does it resolve real life issues in the typical magical “Bollywood ishtyle”.
Irony, wit and intelligent humour lace this bitter sweat coming of age story about the loss of innocence. Additional highlights are the dynamic soulful soundtrack and elegant camera work that captures the timeless beauty of Jaisalmer and the reality of bureaucratic Lutyens’ Delhi.
Despite its subtle approach, Manu Rewal’s award winning satire, wasn’t given a censor certificate for seven months by the authorities and was denied the possibility of competing for the national film award on absurd grounds.

Chai Pani etc in New York and Miami

Chai Pani etc (Love Bribes etc) ran to great audience reactions in the recent screenings in the US. There were two screenings in New York and one in Miami at a local museum (MOCA). Interestingly, there were maybe around 50% people of Indian origin people at the two New York screenings (as it was an Indo-American film festival), but in Miami where there were only around 10% people of Indian origin, the audience reactions was even more enthusiastic. One of the members of the audience even guessed who one of my favourite filmmaker was - Woody Allen...To know more about this hilarious satirical film go to . Join our list, leave your email (and get the sexy Sare Jahan se Achha song) so that when we release the dvd you will be notified.